Headaches & Acupuncture

Headaches are sometimes a self-inflicted nuisance, the result of a boozy night out celebrating. By and large these odd (they should be rare!) excesses should have no lasting effects on our general health & well being. That said however, strong, persistent or regular headaches should never be ignored.

photo credit: Lisa Brewster

photo credit: Lisa Brewster

I have had many years treating many types of headache with Acupuncture either as a primary complaint or as a symptom of another underlying illness. The main types of headache I have treated successfully over the years are:

Tension headaches (also called chronic daily headaches)
Migraine headache (One-sided headaches with nausea and light sensitivity)
Sinus headaches (Pain in area of cheeks and brow with other sinus symptoms such as nasal discharge)
Combination headaches (Symptoms of several types of headaches with varying characteristics such as intense, sharp, dull and throbbing)
Cluster headaches (frequent intense, hot painful headaches, usually situated behind the eye)

Headaches can be a sign of very serious ailments such as a tumor so if you have been suffering frequent headaches like any of the ones described please don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment.

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