Chronic Fatigue & Acupuncture

The ability to enjoy and live life to the full starts and ends with having the energy to do it. It’s not pleasant to feel exhausted as soon as you wake from a poor night’s sleep, or find you’re running out of steam at work by lunchtime. Life need not be about dragging yourself along from one picker-upper to the next, suffering headaches, stress and low mood before finally crashing in front of the TV after another long and exhausting day.

photo credit: amirjina

photo credit: amirjina

Without sufficient energy, be it physical, mental or emotional, we lack the basic requirement to produce better, more successful and healthier lives for ourselves. We need energy to bring about the changes we’d like to happen in our health, our work situations and our home life.

A consistent feeling of fatigue can make daily life depressing, worrisome and even terrifying. And with each passing day, these feelings make it seem that your ambitions, hopes & dreams seem further and further away and less and less possible. I often treat people who suffer from daily fatigue, and find that both Acupuncture & Massage help tremendously in resolving the problem. With the new found energy that treatment brings, people’s lives change literally over night, and they begin to make healthier choices for themselves. They no longer spend the better part of their day focused on the negative. Instead of procrastinating or worrying, they concentrate their efforts and emotions into producing positive changes in their lives. The best changes they start with are exercising more and watching how they eat. They become more physically active and treat themselves to food that is well prepared, fresh and a good source of energy. These two changes alone help them not only beat their feelings of fatigue but ultimately keep them always full of energy and leading healthy, happy and successful lives.

If you feel that low energy, poor immunity and daily fatigue is something you need help with please don’t hesitate to call us to find out more and take those first steps to a better and healthier life.

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