Can Acupuncture help me?

One of the world's great therapies, Acupuncture treats a wide range of acute and chronic conditions from digestive disorders to respiratory problems, chronic fatigue to insomnia. Treating both symptoms and where possible, the cause of a particular complaint.

Acupuncture has no adverse side-effects and has a long history of successful use. Further, you can use Acupuncture as either a stand-alone therapy or together with Western medical treatments and medications.

Call us, or refer to our resources for more information about how Acupuncture could help you and your particular complaint.

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"David has the most wonderful manner. Not only is he excellent at what he does he is also highly articulate and explains things in easy language. As an accountant sitting at a desk for long hours, he did wonders for my back spasms caused by a disc protrusion."

- John M.

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